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Living for Happiness
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Most everyone I know would probably tell me that they experienced at least one stressful moment each day. For most of us it is something that we just accept as a something that we can’t change. The problem is that it is causing so many of us to be sick. I can link stress to the activation of my arthritis and a case of shingles. I have talked to family and friends who can link their stress to the formation of cancer and other diseases. Stress causes inflammation in the body so one of the keys in my mind was to eliminate as much inflammation in my body as possible.

In an effort to help my arthritis I have been doing a bunch of research into stress and working really hard to try to start some new habits to help combat it. A few of the topics I will be discussing about this are as follows:

- Yoga
- Aerobic exercise
- Dance

- Foods
- Supplements

- Progressive relaxation
- Breathing exercises
- Visualization
- Mindfulness
- Grounding


Music/Sound Therapy




Hugging, Kissing and Laughing


Art Therapy

Get out in Nature!

Sleep (improve)
- Baths
- Tea
- Read (not tablet)

Emotion Clearing

Manage Stress at work
- Balance your schedule
- Prioritize tasks
- Break projects into small tasks
- Delegate
- Compromise
- Don’t over commit
- Try to leave earlier in the morning
- Plan regular breaks
- Resolve conflict positively
- Flip negative thinking
- Don’t try to control the uncontrollable
- Set up policies in the office to help relieve stress in employees.
- Share information
- Define roles
- Make communication friendly and efficient
- Encourage participation in decisions
- Avoid unrealistic deadlines
- Show workers that they are valued
- Provide opportunities for social interaction
- Make management actions consistent with organizational values

Dispel stress quickly with:
- Time away
- Talking it over with someone
- Look for humor in a situation
- Breathe!

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